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LUKOIL and Rexam signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement

LLK Finland OY (LLK International’s subsidiary, which is controlled by LUKOIL) and Rexam Beverage Can Europe signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement. According to this document, LUKOIL will supply of LUKOIL STILO 150 gear oil to gear boxes in Rexam’s facilities for the European and Asian plants. LLK International B.V., as well as 3 other suppliers, was invited to take part in this tender.

In the frame of the agreement, LUKOIL will supply to Rexam’s plants in Europe and Asia up to 950 tons of product per annum for the forthcoming 4 years.

Rexam is one of the leading global beverage can makers, producing some 60 billion cans worldwide with the Beverage Can Europe & Asia division accounting for a significant percentage of these. Cans are made, using both aluminum and steel in a wide variety of different sizes, from small stubby cans, through various slim models to large 1 liter cans. For beverage cans, Rexam offers the largest range of any manufacturer, including cans for beer, carbonated soft drinks, juices, sports and energy drinks, water, wine, spirit mixers and even iced coffee.

Cooperation between the both companies was beginning at 2010 yaer. LUKOIL supplied LUKOIL STILO 150 oil to Rexam’s plants in Russia located in Naro-Phominsk (Moscow region) and Argayash (Chelyabinsk region). Rexam’s research- and-development center in the UK and LLK-International’s scientific and technical development department in Russia worked close in 2010-2011 years.

“We worked successfully and this experience allowed to get the necessary qualifications to won in the European and Asian tender in spite of the fact that LUKOIL is not a very well-known brand in the Western Europe”, -- clarified LLK Finland OY CEO Maxim Sazonov.

The trials confirmed the hydraulic oil produced the expected performance characteristics required for this highly specialized operation from both a lubrication and water-separation perspective.

Currently Rexam and Lukoil have been rolling out the program to a further nine Rexam plants. One of the main questions is an opportunity for using some other LUKOIL’s products.